Classroom Routines

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Classroom routines are important for effective classroom management for many reasons. Teachers with well established and clearly defined classroom management strategies can make fantastic positive effects on their student's behaviour.

How do you successfully implement classroom routines? Incorporating effective routines into your classroom will take time, consistency, follow up, and effort. 
The alternative of not taking the steps necessary would be escalating stress and frustration. You will be continuously telling the students over and over again what to do.

Teaching habits take time, possibly a couple of weeks on each one routine depending on the class. You will also need to revisit, practice and reinforce them continually. A little two-minute reminder on three or four different routines is all that is required at the start of a lesson but it still, must be done to keep your routines fresh in your students’ minds.

So, think of all the transitions and activities that cause you trouble throughout the day, like distributing materials, transition time between activities and tasks, what to do when a student has finished a task, handing in work, etc. Think about how much easier your day would be if you had routines in place for all these stressful situations. How much smoother would the lesson be if students knew exactly what to do in each of these situations?

The key is to make as many classroom routines as needed. Teach them, practice them, make them habitual and post them up on the walls as reminders. One of the benefits of this is that the next time a student isn’t doing what he should be you can calmly ask him: “What should you be doing?” and point at the classroom routine board. There will be no excuse that they can give you because when routines in the classroom are in place, they know what they should be doing.

Create, implement and then practice, practice, practice the classroom routines. •


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