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English learners can improve their listening skills by transcribing spoken English. That advice comes from Pascal Hamon, the Academic Director for the English Language Institute at Missouri State University. Students often study listening comprehension in less than interesting, even boring ways, he adds. Transcription, however, provides a fun way to...

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Learning new vocabulary can be challenging.  But is teaching English vocabulary easy-peasy?  If you want to witness some serious results in your classroom you’ll be most delighted to explore this new strategy! Teaching adjectives with Instagram works wonders with teenagers and adults  and here’s how:by Melpomeni Ioannidou, Blog: Αγγλικά Στο πρώτο...

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  Theoretical Framework Defining Learning StrategiesLearning strategies can be defined as “the thoughts and actions that students use to complete a task successfully” (Chamot, 2009 as cited in Taguchi, 2017, p. 63).The word “strategy” comes from the ancient Greek word “strategia”, which means steps or actions taken for the purpose of winning a war...

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As adult learners, we valueOpportunities to interact with other learners.A sense of learning something new.Enough time to talk, reflect and construct meaning.An interesting presenter, aware of participants’ needs.Engaging and provocative issues to grapple with.A range of perspectives.A clear purpose.A variety of presentation styles.A safe environment in...

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It is a truth that Greece has been an immigrant receiving country for more than two decades. Thus, there is a growing number of people with different cultural and linguistic background and the Greek schools are characterized with a vast amount of students with migration profile. This fact intensifies the need to foster intercultural understanding and...

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