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The Department of English Studies of the University of Cyprus hosted the 3rd EALTA-CBLA (Classroom-Based Language Assessment) SIG Symposium on the 2nd and 3rd of November last year. The two-day event focussed on the washback effect language assessment exerts on students. EALTA (European Association for Language Testing and Assessment) has many -...

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The Big SIG Day is one of our oldest and longest-standing event. Every year the four Special Interest Groups, Young Learners, EAP/ ESP, Drama and Literature and MM / CALL, or Learning Technologies, join forces in a mini convention that features presentations for all interests. In recent years it also features a plenary session. This year, we were...

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Within the framework of the “Language Rich Europe” (LRE) project, the Research Centre for Language Teaching, Testing and Assessment (RCeL) of the University of Athens, in collaboration with the Centre for the Greek Language, organized, on November 3, a Workshop in order to present the Survey Lang’s interim report’s findings for...

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British Council FCEfS candidates receive practical exam tips from Cambridge ESOL in a special event that leaves students, parents and their teachers enthused! Candidates, who registered to take the First Certificate in English for Schools exam in December 2012 with the British Council, were given the opportunity to attend a pre-exam seminar in Athens...


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Strategy-Based Reading Instruction

    Theoretical Framework Defining Learning Strategies Learning strategies can be defined as “the thoughts and actions that students use to complete a task successfully” (Chamot, 2009 as cited in Taguchi, 2017, p. 63). The word “strategy” comes from the ancient Greek word “strategia”...

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English Language Games for the Classroom

By Jet Hiensch, Portugal Jet Hiensch, Dutch teacher of English as a foreign language, living in Portugal, develops English language games for in the classroom. All her games are focused on the oral skills. Her slogan is: Let’s get those kids...

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Setting Achievable Goals for our EFL Writing Class

“Scaffolding” describes a performance enhancement procedure which can make teaching composition meaningful and support learners. However, despite teachers’ and students’ good efforts, EFL composition writing still remains a very demanding task which more often than not surrounds a great deal of...

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The role of songs in creating a positive climate for language learning

Teachers nowadays need to be using motivating up-to-date materials and learner-centered methods, which can promote a more effective learning environment. Songs could be a great learning resource which could increase motivation levels by creating a more effective learning atmosphere and...

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