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City & Guilds, the leading certification body globally, with more than two million learners working towards one of its qualifications on a yearly basis, has been represented in Greece over the past four years through its strategic alliance with PEOPLECERT. In a global context where English language qualifications become increasingly important...

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This came about through the Salvation Army programmes ‘By Your Side’ and ‘Adopt a Family’ which are designed to enable concerned people to help others badly hit by the economic crisis, and ultimately assist them towards independent living. In our case we evaluated the needs of the families we wished to help (visiting them at...

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Bill Grueskin is dean of academic affairs and professor of professional practice at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He began his career at the Daily American in Italy, and then founded a weekly paper in North Dakota. He later served as a reporter and editor at newspapers in Baltimore, Tampa and Miami. As the Miami...

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Teachers of English in Emathia had the chance to enjoy a feast for Christmas, combined with an original tribute to the 200th anniversary since Charles Dickens’s birthday (1812) featuring Mr David Gibson and Dr Luke Prodromou. The event was jointly organised by the ELT School Adviser for Emathia Mrs Calliope Kiokpasoglou and the State English...

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Macmillan Dictionaries will no longer appear as physical books. From this year, Macmillan Dictionary will be available only online. Since its launch in 2009, Macmillan Dictionary Online has seen explosive growth and will now fully replace the print version in a transition that, according to Editor-in-Chief Michael Rundell, can only be a positive...


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Practical Ideas for Developing Writing Skills

  The developing of the language skills has always been a very hard and interesting task. The process of writing suggests that we can actually teach students how to write with coherence, an appropiate grammar structure and an acceptable spelling. One...

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English Language Games for the Classroom

By Jet Hiensch, Portugal Jet Hiensch, Dutch teacher of English as a foreign language, living in Portugal, develops English language games for in the classroom. All her games are focused on the oral skills. Her slogan is: Let’s get those kids...

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EFL Vocabulary: How to teach adjectives with Instagram

Learning new vocabulary can be challenging.  But is teaching English vocabulary easy-peasy?  If you want to witness some serious results in your classroom you’ll be most delighted to explore this new strategy! Teaching adjectives with Instagram works wonders with teenagers and...

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The significance of the ELT coursebook

The teaching-learning experience is mainly comprised of three essential entities: the students, the teacher, and the instructional materials. One of the most commonly recognized and used forms of instructional materials is the ELT coursebook (CB). The CB offers structured content...

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