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In our daily lives we all jump to conclusions. People make an impression on us based on the assumptions we make about their skills and abilities. More often than not the assumptions we make affect the way we behave towards these people, thus making our ‘’prophecies’’ self-fulfilling. Pygmalion in the classroom by Rosenthal...

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Over the last two years I have studied change in Greek FLS extensively and in-depth. I have held sessions and written articles and I have said time and time again that change owes its bad reputation to the fact that it is unplanned, haphazard and usually comes without any back up plan. The financial crisis came to change all that, mainly because...

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Building the initial appeal of the school may be thought to be the easy part of the deal. On the one hand it is all about words and no action and on the other it does not put the school to the test immediately. The moment the clients are at the doorstep of the school, we know two things: first that our marketing has worked and second that now is the...

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  Picking up from the last article “The secret to transforming your successful Business into a Successful Brand” (ELT News- The Consultancy Corner – March 2013), this month we will examine how we can take our brand online and safeguard it. Choice of medium The first thing to consider about having an online presence is...

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In May’s column we took a somewhat different look on the impact of the F-crisis (F for financial or forsaken) on our schools, focusing on key members of staff leaving the school, more or less unexpectedly, and on how to cut the losses of the school. So far, we’ve explored the scenarios of losing teachers or administrative staff, but...

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Our school life is dominated by a paradox: we spend time with our students, we (try to) educate them and yet when it comes to giving information about their progress and in-class performance the relevant data is more readily released to the parents, with whom we spend much less time, rather than to the learners themselves. Far be it from me to say...

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