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Aged 78 – he still logs 10 hours a week! Ilias Boznos is a pilot and aviation teacher, with about 24,000 flight hours, who has never ceased to amaze me; both by his attitude to life and the amazing energy and zest he puts into it. At a time when most older people search for their slippers and curl up in front of the TV and a warm fire...

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First I must thank Mr George M. Tzanakis for his illuminating letter concerning the thoughts of some of our ancient philosophers. I must admit to being a little mystified at first, as he purported to be answering my December article (concerning the threats made by some Golden Dawn members of parliament against Greek residents and nationals who were not...

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In line with our traditional policy of having an April laugh, two of the following news snippets are totally genuine but the third contains a lie. Answers given next month. Why do Americans speak with a nasal twang? You may have wondered how the distinctive US vocal sounds came about; that is to say the distinctive ‘twang’ of the...

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A salute to a brave man! You will understand the meaning of this later. As most foreign language school owners are aware, the government has decided to enact new laws (4093/2012 and 3057/2012) that will probably have the effect of closing down many schools. Some will not be able to comply with the legislation, particularly with regard to the...

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Drachmophilos Scroutzos, owner and director of the fairly well known School of Eloquent English, in Ano Ftochia, was in the kitchen. In front of him were several kilos of Seville oranges cut in halves, and on the stove a huge pot of water was simmering. With a strange gleam in his eye he methodically picked out the pips from each half and carefully...

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Anyone following the meteoric rise of Golden Dawn (Greece's extreme right party with a Nazi/fascist style agenda) is well aware of their well-published, wide-ranging and openly stated aims should they gain office regarding all migrants, immigrants and non-Greeks. This article, however, focuses solely on threats made to deport those who (a)...

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Are adult learners different from young learners?

As adult learners, we value Opportunities to interact with other learners. A sense of learning something new. Enough time to talk, reflect and construct meaning. An interesting presenter, aware of participants’ needs. Engaging and provocative issues to grapple with. A range of perspectives. A clear purpose. A variety...

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English Language Games for the Classroom

By Jet Hiensch, Portugal Jet Hiensch, Dutch teacher of English as a foreign language, living in Portugal, develops English language games for in the classroom. All her games are focused on the oral skills. Her slogan is: Let’s get those kids...

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Ten Ideas for Interactive Teaching

While lecturing tends to be the easiest form of instruction, studies show that students absorb the least amount of information that way. Interactive teaching methods are an effective way to connect with a generation of students used to consistent stimulation. Education...

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The history of the Cambridge Exams

Cambridge English Language Assessment is part of the University of Cambridge and has been providing English language assessments and qualifications for over 100 years. The first Cambridge English examination, the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), was launched in 1913. The...

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