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11pm on 14th April 2012 saw small family groups, all clutching candles, strolling down the port road to St Nicholas Church. Some were already chatting outside while others, more devout, were following the service within. The chanting of the priest, though low, was still audible on the other side of the road where it made a musical backdrop to the...

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It was one of those cold, blustery January days in Ano Ftocheia, when the wind blew eerily down the empty streets with a pervasive low whistle and the cold went straight through the skin and into the bones, however many layers of clothing you wore. Although a Saturday, there were few people on the street. What was the point? Even if they wanted to...

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A few weeks ago I had to take my wife for a battery of tests at a local Athens hospital. As usual the main difficulty was finding parking space so, after dropping her off at the outpatients unit, I cruised around searching for a free spot. Soon enough, I found a place with very few cars parked around it - the hospital morgue...

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Now, at this time of severe economic crisis, when both near and middle future looks extremely bleak for most working and middle class families, one hope, one lifeline, still exists for those with the mind, ability and foresight to use it. This is the ticket provided by graduation in a foreign language at a reputable Greek language school. A ticket...

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Coursebooks: Jack of all trades, master of none

Tool 1: A good teacher cannot be fixed in a routine…During teaching, each moment requires a sensitive mind that is constantly changing and constantly adapting… (Bruce Lee, kung fu practitioner and film star) Teaching is an art as Stenhouse (1988) in...

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English Language Games for the Classroom

By Jet Hiensch, Portugal Jet Hiensch, Dutch teacher of English as a foreign language, living in Portugal, develops English language games for in the classroom. All her games are focused on the oral skills. Her slogan is: Let’s get those kids...

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Developing Writing Skills

The developing of the language skills has always been a very hard and interesting task. The process of writing suggests that we can actually teach students how to write with coherence, an appropiate grammar structure and an acceptable spelling. One...

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Ten Ideas for Interactive Teaching

While lecturing tends to be the easiest form of instruction, studies show that students absorb the least amount of information that way. Interactive teaching methods are an effective way to connect with a generation of students used to consistent stimulation. Education...

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