The IWB activities & ideas series

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In this article we will present 2 different activities focusing on writing and reading respectively.

Activity 1: Correct it

Aim: To develop writing skills
Level: Any
Language focus: To develop spelling skills

Procedure: Type a piece of writing including words with spelling errors. The level of difficulty depends on the level and the capacity of the learners.

Present the text on the board (switch off the check spell system) and ask the learners to work in pairs and try to identify the number of words which are spelt wrongly.

Invite students to come to the board and underline the specific words asking the rest of the class to agree or disagree. Then, as a group decide about the correct spelling of the words in question.

By Akis Davanellos, MA (ELT), Trainer, Designer

Activity 2: Reading training

Aim: To develop reading skills
Level: Any
Language focus: To identify different types of ‘missing words’ in gap fills

Procedure: Carefully plan and create a gap fill text for your students depending on their level and capacity. It is important to include instances in the gap fill such as referencing (The sun is bright. It is big. “It” refers to the sun), prepositions and prepositional phrases and all the difficult cases which you need to highlight.
Present the gap filled text on the board and the missing words in mixed order on the side. Ask the learners to work in pairs and: a. try to find the right word for each gap and b. explain why they chose the specific word. Work with the class to discuss what types of words are usually missing in gap fill texts and how to identify them.
Akis Davanellos has been a school owner and Practitioner Teacher for twenty three years and he holds an MA in ELT from the University of Warwick.
He has written a number of articles in local and international journals and he has worked for international and local publishing companies presenting professional and commercial seminars and courses.He has also been involved in forthcoming book evaluations and piloting. He is the initiator and the main materials designer of the IGUANA PROJECT publishing house, the initiator of the Iguana Project Educational Support System for schools (I.P.E.S.S.). He has also developed the ‘e-enilikes’ method for adult education and various e-learning programs for distant learning.

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