The IWB activities & ideas series

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In this article we will present 2 different activities focusing on vocabulary and reading respectively.

Activity 1: What do you remember?
Aim: To revise vocabulary, structures and functions
Level: Any
Language focus: Vocabulary topics, grammar

Procedure: Scan or find a photo of a context including the vocabulary items in question and present it on the board. The photo may include various objects of the same topic or the items in context. For example: furniture as they are placed in a room or a house, a fridge with various foods and drinks or even a car or plane for revising the words describing its parts.
Tell the learners that you will show them a picture for exactly ten seconds and then ask them some questions. Use the appropriate tool to reveal the picture and then cover it. Ask the students to write down as many words as they can remember. For grammar practice purposes ask the students to write down sentences including the target structure or function. For example, there’s a sofa in the living room or how much does a carton of milk cost, please? etc.
After the learners have finished writing ask them to compare their answers in pairs and add any missing objects. Elicit answers and write the final list on the board. Reveal the picture and check answers as a group.

Βy Akis Davanellos

Activity 2: Fast reading
: To develop reading skills
Level: Any
Language Focus: To develop skimming skills

Procedure: Select an appropriate text and prepare one or two questions to examine the overall understanding of the text.
Discuss the pre-question/s before the learners see the text. Reveal the text and ask the learners to skim it using a stopwatch to increase motivation and specific reading skills.
Cover the text and elicit the learners’ answers asking for justification. Then, discuss the text with the learners.


Akis Davanellos has been a school owner and Practitioner Teacher for twenty three years and he holds an MA in ELT from the University of Warwick. He has written a number of articles in local and international journals and he has worked for international and local publishing companies presenting professional and commercial seminars and courses. He has also been involved in forthcoming book evaluations and piloting. He is the initiator and the main materials designer of the IGUANA PROJECT publishing house, the initiator of the Iguana Project Educational Support System for schools (I.P.E.S.S.). He has also developed the ‘e-enilikes’ method for adult education and various e-learning programmes for distant learning.

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